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Legal writing and producing articles is an essential marketing tool for law firms and other law-related organisations, and in today's fast-paced world of online journalism and blogging, it's vital that websites include regular updates on current issues.

But lawyers don't necessarily make good legal writers, particularly when writing for those who may not have a legal background. When you factor in the time it takes to write articles and updates - time perhaps better spent earning fees! - and the difficulties with writing content that's both relevant and easily understood, it makes sound business sense to consult the experts. For an important article recently published on this issue in the Law Society Gazette Click Here.

As an experienced legal writer and journalist, I can provide you with the writing expertise you need for your business including:


The cost varies depending on the nature of the subject material (is it technical?); the market (is it aimed at new clients, professionals or students?); where it is to be published (internet or newspaper, for example?) or whether it's for marketing purposes or for in-house use.

My fees might be either on a project basis; charged at a rate per 1,000 words; or charged at an hourly rate.

For example (and this is a guide only):

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